Wheeler Hord

Email Copywriting Services

Trust The Process

Starting at $100



Every email campaign needs to start out with a clearly defined goal. We’ll go over every crazy question possible to ensure there’s no confusion when contacts read your emails.

Tell A Story

This is where you get a chance to shout from the rooftops why you get out of bed in the morning — assuming it’s not just to shout from rooftops every morning. We’ll showcase who you are and how you’re changing the world.


Odds are you have more than one type of contact. Longtime customers differ from new leads. We’ll take a long look at your contact segments to decide which bed is best for Goldilocks.

Lead Nurturing

Every person on your email list isn’t ready to commit to spending their hard-earned money on you. They don’t know you yet. We’ll provide value to your subscribers to establish trust. And when they’re ready, you’ll be there with open arms.

Behavioral Email

Using data to see how a contact interacts with your company, we can provide him or her with the necessary resources without spitting out useless information. We’ll send targeted, relevant emails that get all parties closer to the right decision for them.

Solve A Problem

Present a product? Meh.

Present the perfect solution to a problem that has plagued your customer for what feels like an eternity? Yep!

We’ll provide timely emails with strong CTAs to have customers saying, “Ah, you read my mind.”


 Email Audits

Starting at $50

You have the world's most incredible product or service - no, seriously, I believe you - and you're so excited to share it. You market your product to all the lovely names on your big, beautiful email list and…


Don’t panic! Show me what you’re sending out, and I’ll take a look. I’ll identify what isn’t working and how to fix it.


Landing Pages

Starting at $50

I write landing pages that are straight to the point, with a little incentive. Copy that clearly expresses function and encourages opt-ins.